The Baxter Boys
Fridges and Pumps

The Baxter team operate two separate contracts: Baxter Fridges and Baxter Pumps.

 James is responsible for booking in and cleaning the inbound pumps delivered by DPD directly from patients’ homes.

The pumps are either fixed by the back to base team, sent away for service or repair or swapped for a different device.

The majority of pumps require a service and this is organised by a ticketing system on Odoo.

“The most challenging part of this role is dealing directly with patients or their carers to arrange collections.  A degree of sensitivity is almost always needed and this is especially true when dealing with end of life or patients who have just passed away,” comments James.

Outbound pumps are the duty of Doug.  A vital link in the process, Doug speaks directly to patients or their carers to ensure they receive the required pump in a timely manner and with the correct settings installed.

Doug says: “These pumps are vital in providing either nutrition or antibiotic therapy at home and keeping people out of hospital.  It’s a big responsibility but our team has a good sense of humour and we have a laugh.

“I have been called all sorts of things by patients, my favourite is Dodge Lexington and this name seems to have stuck!”

Baxter fridges are used in the homes of patients to store food and antibiotics that need carefully controlled environments.

Fridges that are no longer required in the home are collected directly by Neil and Mark.  They are also the drivers responsible for returning Baxter fridges to the Baxter distribution centres once the Hugo back to base team have finished with them.

Once at Hugo, Phil cleans the equipment and checks it is working correctly. This includes PAT testing and monitoring its temperature over 72 hours.  If a fridge fails either test it is scrapped and disposed of with WEEE waste. 

“This role can be demanding at times,” says Phil, “dealing with so many patients, organising the collections and communicating with Baxter all have their challenges. But overall it is rewarding and the people I work with are amazing.”

Overseeing the entire Baxter process is team leader, Callum.

“I have been at Hugo for four years now,” he says. “And the thing I like best is the people I work with.”

Recently the team has managed to significantly reduce the number of complaints received by tightening up processes and providing extra training to staff.

“Complaints have reduced from a peak of 5 in the month of February to 0 in April!” Greg, the team’s manager, tells us. 

“Taking ownership of when things are not going as well as they can and doing something about it is key.  One of my self-set objectives on joining the company was to reduce the number of Baxter complaints and I am pleased to say we have achieved this.”

A Memorable Moment
By Simon James