On The Bench With Nutricia
Team Spotlight

The Nutricia department is synonymous with the Hugo brand. As the longest standing contract, Nutricia are a unique, self-contained business within a business, proving a perpetual stream of revenue.

Every day millions of people rely on Nutricia’s nutritional solutions to live their lives to the full.  The Nutricia department at Hugo are responsible for servicing and repairing the UK and Irish pumps.

Pumps arrive at Hugo from all over the UK and Ireland. They are then booked in, decontaminated (you will find Anthony here with his steamer), and sent to the bench.  In a typical day the bench technicians can encounter intricate problem solving to repair faults and get pumps back out of the door.

Isobelle is then in charge of Quality Control and once passed, the pumps move on to Liz for packing and dispatch back to the customer.

What started out as a trial contract from a chance meeting has, over the years, grown into a strong knit family of 15 dedicated employees.

“We work together and socialise together,” says Debbie. “We are a strong team and everyone is hardworking.”

Perhaps the greatest challenge, and subsequently accomplishment, was throughout the pandemic. Whilst much of the country was locked down at home, the Nutricia team were working harder than ever commissioning pumps for the Nightingale Centres.

The longevity of many of the staff, many of whom have exceeded 10 years of service,  is a testament to the positive atmosphere in the department.  

New Service Support Manager